Parasites are living organisms that subsist by leeching off of other organisms; their survival is realized at their hosts’ expense and often to their hosts’ detriment. Parasitic relations are thus unequal, one-way associations of dependency and exploitation.

But parasitic relations are also a ‘natural’ phenomenon; as means for maintaining an equilibrium of well-being, their existence enables the evolution of new forms that both capitalize on and fuse with older ones. They are, therefore, paradoxically a source of generative, creative vitality.

Certain Infrastructures might be described as parasitic in nature. These infrastructures feed off our attention, time, energy, money, aspirations, and imagination in their development and operation. From systems enabled by addiction and self-disciplining to those that prophesize the fulfillment of desires for equity and other-worldly transmission, parasitic infrastructures work at absorbing, modulating and reproducing subjects, interactions, and regimes of power.