Ghosts, light waves, variations in frequency. The spectral encompasses both the diversity of phenomena in the physical world and the surplus of other worlds. Spirits, sound, and electromagnetic waves share some common characteristics. They are all often beyond the range of human perception and reason. They constantly trouble our conscious state of being. The paranormal and sub-atomic both remind us that there are entire worlds outside of rational control by human beings. These entities can be terrible, threatening and deathly, or they can bring new experiences, images, and forms of life into being. Spirits, ghosts, and demons are like x-rays, they penetrate the interior, they bring to light the variations and fragility of life, they can heal and destroy.

Infrastructures, like high energy particles and ancestral ghosts, are also spectral. They are beyond perception, they are temporally layered, they inhabit us, form us, change us, speak through us, and sometimes threaten us. They are cloudy, misty, tantalizing invisible; half imagined, half real, but always haunting our present and our future.