My Little Library

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A web project by Eishin Yoshida

As essayist and anthologist Alberto Manguel said, “every
library is autobiographical.” These collections reflect “who we are and who we have been.” My project, which I have titled My Little Library, is no different. It reflects me — my knowledge, interests and concerns. It is my intellectual cloud. By furnishing books for my own research and leisure reading, I give shape to that cloud and create a space to share it with others.

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Some of the books come from University libraries and public libraries, others come from my own shelf. You will also find mini collections in my library that I have grouped together, thereby creating new, and ever-evolving, relations between and with the books. Those who choose to enter my library may browse through the books as you would in any other library – but this particular library is highly personal. My Little Library offers the opportunity to step into my cloud and exchange your cloud with mine and with others.Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.13.10 PM This project emerged from Shannon Mattern’s Fall 2014 “Archives, Libraries + Databases” Graduate Seminar.

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