As part of our process, we created a series of short “animations” that give an overview of our works and creations. These were exhibited as part of the live spatial exhibition as “provocations” intended to engage the public with the political, aesthetic, and economic features of different infrastructures.

Installation Video Editing by: Steven Taylor


Denatured Landscapes


Axis Chair 


“Every Ghost Story is a Love Story”


Cloud’s Anchor

Furnishing Freeform Radio


Axis Chair – Chair Study


Sound and Space


C-Lounge – Project Video


Obscurity in Transit


C-Lounge – Research and Case Study 


The Tobacco Portrait


Observation and Forethought: A Case Study of NYPD Surveillance 

Permeation Station 643

Cultural Equity

Screw Up


Shape Shifter



ISIS: Infrastructure of Fear and Belonging


tisch Sur flex



tisch Sur flex – Process



tisch Sur flex – Folding